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Do you want to become better at building more human work environments, with more natural, meaningful and effective ways of collaboration? Do you also strongly believe this is the basis for more personal energy, team success, product innovation and staying ahead in the market? In this training you learn and experience how to realize this within your team, cross-team, and across the levels of hierarchy in your organization. 

For you? 

This training is for you if you want to achieve the above in your work as teamcoach, scrum master, team lead, tribe lead, manager, R&D lead, agile coach, delivery manager or any other role.  If coaching is part of your job. If coaching for you means to unleash the energy, motivation and inspiration that every individual, team, organization has hidden under the surface. Bring your own cases, and immediately apply the learnings to your own context. 


In each of the modules you fill your backpack with lots of hands-on tools to coach and work with your team in a meaningful way, empower them and foster continuous improvement. You will feel more confident to have impactful conversations. All are based on scientifically underpinned and empirically proven principles and techniques. You work on your own cases, practice and deeply reflect, grow as a coach. You leave the training more effective in helping others grow. We invite you to come with a colleague. Go together the journey of coaching your organization, teams and colleagues to become a better version of themselves, delivering results in an engaged way, and go home in the evening with energy. 

Your impact after the training 

You are more equipped to support your team to take more initiative, be more innovative, self-organizing, faster and more agile. They realize value more independently, with less escalations, are more fun in their work. They incrementally focus on more difficult improvements, and are more capable to set and realize incremental goals. You can more focus on other parts of your role, spending less time and effort in the team. You achieve this by creating a positive vibe in your team, motivating people, inspiring them and being more impactful in your actions. You succeed in helping your team create more impact in the organization and value for their customers. 

Three modules. Which modules to choose?

Although for all participants the 6 days training (3 modules of 2 days) is worth every minute, and saves a tremendous amount of energy and time later, it might be a lot. Therefore you can choose 1 or more modules, without overlap, in random order. Following more modules, will lead to even more impact as a coach, more tools and techniques, more different and more difficult situations you feel comfortable to deal with, more in depth practice, more community with the other participants. 

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Impact through empowerment

How to deal with resistance to change? How can I find and build on people’s motivation? How to build a commonly agreed healthy mix of competences in the team? Help, there are counteracts in the organization, what do I do? How to benefit from diversity, not just understand it?

Date: 11-12 May 2023

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Impact through purpose

What is engagement and how do I engage people? How can I have more positive impactful conversations with indifferent and complaining people? How can I find people’s motivators? What is systems thinking and how to apply basic principles in my day to day work? How can we better align personal- team and organizational purposes?

Date: 12-13 October 2023 

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Impact through fast small steps

How to focus on building the desired future with the team, not on fixing the past? How to deal with everything on priority 1 and yesterday’s deadlines? How to build a safe environment and performing teams in ever changing teams? You know what delegation is, but how to grow incrementally in it?

Date: 9-10 November 2023


Date: 11-12 May 2023
Location: Vught, kloosterhotel ZIN, Boxtelseweg 58, Vught5261 Netherlands

Dates: 12-13 Oct 2023, 9-10 Nov 2023
Location: Affligem, De Kluizerij, Aalstersedreef 1, 1790 Affligem 

1.350€ per module of 2 days 
3.995€ for the 3 modules 

Including training materials, hotel with full boarding, shuttle to train station, individual coaching in between modules 

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