Grow a generative and

performing culture

where agility, innovation, customer focus and safety thrive

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Generative and performing

At Google, best performance comes from teams that feel most psychologically safe. DevOps research finds organization cultures emphasizing high trust and free flow of information deliver the best performance.

Westrum has called such cultures generative, with high performance, better service to the customers, and a better safety culture with fewer accidents.

So there is the opportunity to achieve better results: grow a generative culture, replacing the prevailing bureaucratic and rule oriented culture.

With happier, more productive teams, less attrition and fewer burnouts.

And management that inspires instead of defining rules and monitoring their execution.

Grow high-performance teams

Collaboration in self-organizing teams, based on trust, with free flow of information. This is the cornerstone of a high-performance team.

ADJUGO's TeamGrowing approach provides instruments to teams so that they can take better decisions, can focus more on customer value, help support each other and create a positive vibe that gets things done.

TeamGrowing coaches help teams build trust, create psychological safety and just set a more satisfactory and fun work environment.

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Inspire as a leader

Your teams self-organize.

Your new management role is to inspire them, give trust and confidence, help them grow and realize their potential. Make people feel like they matter.

Be part of a high-performance management team as well. Trust each other, set an example, use a positive tone.

And enjoy your leadership.

Getting there

It is a journey.

Agree on your next goal, and define the next steps. Make agile progress.

Let yourself be guided. Experience counts. A coach helps you and your organization.

You set your goals. We help you achieve them...

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Generate a performing culture

Learn the skills needed to manage for a better culture or to help a team grow. Let ADJUGO guide you during the journey.