Management team building

You plan a day off-site with your management team? 

We can help you and let you experience positive and inspiring leadership.

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Positive leadership

Positive leadersip is about creating and supporting an environment that allows teams and individuals to flourish and use their natural strengths to collaborate and create value for the customers.

Take the compliment shower as an example. How often do you get to tell your colleagues what you appreciate in them? Not enough...

That is what positive leadership is about: mobilizing the energy of well-being in your teams and colleagues.

The Dobby experience

Dobby is the dog. Way better at tracking people based on smell than we are. But we still need to guide him, keeping an eye on traffic, avoiding distractions.

You can experience the parallel with your own job as manager of people who know their job better than you do and still benefit from you as a positive leader.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Off-site at a location of your choice

We can facilitate a day of positive leadership for you and your management team. A day of friendly and stimulating experience, introducing a new and positive style of leadership!

You can choose the location. Or we can suggest you a couple of locations with the right spirit.

Let is figure out together how to set up an inspiring event!