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Why TeamGrowing ?

Grass does not grow by pulling the leaves but by watering the roots.     African saying

The world is changing forever faster, unpredictably. Successful organizations need to cope with this fast change. Lean-agile methodologies provide the framework and processes. 

But we also need to take the people along on this journey. Change is too often a threat, draining energy and provoking resistance. Burnout is a real issue. 

Instead, we support teams to become autonomous, self-organizing, reflecting on themselves. Learning teams. We believe that such 'learning teams' are happier and better performing. They can embrace change as a positive challenge, taking the stress out of change. 

Work then gives the team members energy and pleasure.

What inspired Team Growing ?

Positive psychology, mainly: the strength of positive emotions.Looking forward to the goal, not backward to the problems. What you pay attention to grows in your mind...

Tuckman and Lencioni about teams: building up trust and transparency while going through the forming - storming - performing stages.

The JD-R model: what activities give emotional energy and what activities are a drain in your professional environment. Prevent burnouts by providing a positive environment. 

Team learning as proposed by Peter Senge in 'The fifth discipline', as part of the learning organization.

Coaching practices that focus on achieving positive goals, such as motivational conversation and solution oriented coaching.

The lean and agile mindset and a profound belief in the power of teams and the value they can bring to team member and organization alike.

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Team Growing, the model

The Team Growing model notices how teams can grow by focusing on different areas, one after the other. 

Transparency is the first step, creating a basis of visibility into the work everyone is doing and generating trust. Improvement is the next step, reflecting on how to improve the work the team is doing. Collaboration is third: learn to work and communicate together. Then, the focus shifts to Customer value, we work for the customer as a team. Finally, we reflect on what we have learnt as a team, how we have grown, consolidating our growth. And then we re-enter the cycle, to grow to the next level.

The model has different techniques to help teams achieve insight and improvement. These are based on proven practices in lean and agile, as well as in positive psychology, solution-oriented coaching and motivational interviewing.

The goal of Team Growing is to help teams become and remain Learning Teams. At first with help of the team coach, and then gradually autonomously. 

Team Growing or 'Teamleren' in Dutch is a model developed by Linda Dorlandt and Remi-Armand Collaris. 

Become a TeamLeader or TeamCoach

ADJUGO works with our partner Connective Partners to offer the TeamCoach training in Belgium. Some of us have become certified trainers now, so we co-organize the training with Linda and Remi-Armand who created the model and the training.

The training consists of 3 modules of two days each, one month apart, so that you start using what you have learned and get help and feedback.

This training is often career changing for participants...
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Team Growing.

Base your company or organization on autonomous teams and help them achieve the performing stage. We love to help you achieve this.

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