Training is about knowledge and skills that you need to change your situation and that we can provide. 
We want to interact intensively with you so that we understand the challenges of your situation and tune our training accordingly.


We believe in teams. We create an environment where participants form a team. 

We practice what we learn in collaborative exercises, in a safe and constructive learning environment.

Inspiring and engaging

A training is also a call for action, an intention to change ways of working, beliefs and mindset. 

We support you in preparing for the change and support your motivation by inspiring and engaging you.

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SAFe training

SAFe is the most widely used framework for scaling agile and supporting agility at corporate level, and its appeal and use keep increasing.

Thanks to the integration of the newest agile concepts, SAFe is the go to place if you want to know how agile, lean, DevOps, Systems Thinking, Design Thinking and Lean Startup integrate to a powerful whole.

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Agile training

Agility at team level remains the foundation of the agile enterprise. We help individuals and teams get up to speed on working in an agile environment, as team member, Scrum Master or Product Owner.

Scrum, Kanban, team dynamics, collaboration, agile exercises, expect an engaging and inspiring experience in our training, public as well as in-company

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Team Lead & Team Coach

Knowledge work and services, as well as Agility, rely on well-functioning teams.

You can now help the people you appoint to become team lead by offering proper training so that they can help teams to take up their role in the new way of working. Our training sessions for team lead, team coach and organization coach fill the gap.

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Training Virtual and hybrid collaboration

COVID-19 was a wake-up call. We found out that remote work is possible, even quite effective. As well as tiresome and no real replacement of live contact.

As we enter the post-COVID era,  we also enter a world of hybrid collaboration, with more remote work and teams in different locations.

In this one-day in-company training, we will introduce you and your team to a variety of techniques to make this new way of working reality - and constructive as well as enjoyable.

Public training

We organize public training sessions in SAFe, agile and team learning. You participate in a group of people from different backgrounds and organizations and do not just learn from us, but also from the other participants. 

Many training sessions we organize lead to certification and enhance the value of your CV.

In-Company training

We bring our style and commitment to your company. We offer standard certifying courses as well as custom made training and workshops.

We can choose examples from your own environment and use them in our collaborative and interactive exercises, so that they become even more realistic and help drive the change in behavior in your company.


Training is but one way of learning new skills and adapting. The agile transformation e.g. requires a profound change in mindset among team members and managers. Aligning your entire company to a new set of values is quite a challenge.

We help you change and offer individual, team and organization coaching.

Meet your trainers

Company team

Karen De Boeck

I'm your enthusiastic coach and trainer. Happy to help you, your team and your organization on your agile journey. I combine my knowledge and experience with frameworks (Scrum, SAFe, Lean) with my thorough belief and experience in coaching based on positive psychology (Solution-oriented coaching).

Karen is partner at Adjugo

Company team

Chris Verlinden

I am a specialist in SAFe. I have a broad and rich experience teaching several SAFe courses, such as Leading SAFe, SAFe DevOps, SAFe Lean Portfolio Management, SAFe Agile Product Management, SAFe for Architects, SAFe Agile SW engineering ...                      

 Chris is partner in Adjugo.

Company team

Linda Dorlandt

As a coach and change facilitator, I encourage teams to feel responsible for their objectives and channel the emerging energy to enable change. I facilitate team growth and help them become performing. Well-functioning teams are more engaged and create a healthier work environment for themselves.

  Linda is co-founder of Organisation 4.0.

Company team

Remi-Armand Collaris

I believe an organization’s success is closely linked to talent development and teamwork. Using Agile, Scrum, and Lean thinking and practices, I create tools that improve teamwork. It takes just a few days a month for teams to include improving their way-of-working in their DNA. Taking time to improve makes for more fun and drive in the workplace and more astonishing results as a by-product. 

Remi-Armand is co-founder of Organisation 4.0.

Company team

Jurgen Maus


Company team

Marie Jacqmin


We love to share our knowledge and skills.

During the training.

And after.