ADJUGO helps you change

Because change is a constant

The fast pace of change

The world is changing forever faster, unpredictably, threatening our way of life and our way of working. Maybe you feel the stress, and many colleagues go in burnout.

Successful organizations need to cope with this fast change. Lean-agile methodologies provide the framework and processes. 

But we also need to take the people along on this journey. Change is too often a threat in hierarchical organizations, draining energy and provoking resistance. Burnout is a real issue. We need to change the way we manage organizations.

TeamGrowing is our approach to help your teams grow and become safe, resilient and supportive. And redefining the way management and teams interact.


Maybe you have experienced it too, when confronted with a major change in your life? Change can be awkward, stressful, disorienting, threatening even. But change can also bring hope, an end to monotony and boredom, excitement even.  We can help you avoid the first kind. 

We like to help you make the kind of change that brings energy, with a positive focus and strong teams.  

Make the ability to change without stress an asset of your organization.

Where do you want to be?

Describe your goal, your ‘10’. The goal of your team, the goal of your organization. Share this goal. Look at the steps you have already made, past successes you have achieved, difficulties you have overcome together.

When we assess your agile maturity, it is not about a score.

We help you look at what you have already achieved and define your first next steps towards where you want to go. Small, agile steps.

Do not manage change, invite to travel together

Change is often a bumpy ride. Stressful when imposed on us and when we have little impact.

Successful change requires motivation, positivity, willingness to go through difficult times as a tightly knit team. We can help you with motivational conversations, solution-oriented coaching, group exercises that clarify what everybody thinks and allows discovering common ground. 

We approach change in an agile way: determine what will bring value, implement the change in small steps, frequently inspect where we are and reflect on what went well and what we can improve. 

We want to create strong, resilient “high-performance” teams. Not for the performance, but because they are highly motivating and can handle change really well.

We accompany you on your journey 

We will travel together for a while, like a mountain guide may. We have a backpack with tips and tools and knowledge that we offer for use. We do not tell you what to do, we share our knowledge and experience with you. We want you to learn the art yourself, so that you can travel ahead alone. Or we may help you again with some more difficult challenges you encounter further down the road. We are here for you.

Because one thing is certain, we will all be traveling. Change is a constant.

We help you change

We will all be traveling, all the time. As a team.

Let us learn how.

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